Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Influenza 2008

The flu sucks! First Alaina, then Jerms. Tonight Samuel is the latest flu victime. My mom thinks she has it too, but she's been "coming down" with the flu ever since Alaina got it 10 days ago. Alaina missed over a week of school, and a rehearsal. Jerms had to come home from work yesterday and even agreed to go to the doctor. Tonight came Samuel. Our pediatrician won't give the kids Tamiflu, so we are probably in this for another week. Prospects aren't looking good for the Jerg portion of WagJerCoe this weekend. If I'm going to get sick, it needs to happen tomorrow and be over on Sunday. I have a 4 day window available, after that I have no time to be sick what-so-ever! So here's to getting the flu in the next 12 hours!


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