Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Catching Up...

I miss blogging. I don't seem to have time for it this semester. Even as I type, I should be studying. But I do miss keeping up with everyone's lives.

Today was a good day. My Fox Friend was doing her pediatric evaluations in nursing school today, so my boys and I went down to her school and they were practice patients for the students to evaluate. I promised if they behaved we'd get McD's, so after the assessments we headed that way. We decided it would be more fun to eat our lunch up at the school with Princess so we drove through and got my 3 munchkins and Bob's 2 kids happy meals and headed for her school. She was very surprised to see ALL of us bring her lunch, and for a special surprise, we let all of the kids go play at recess with her. The little one's loved being "big" and she loved showing them off (and getting underdogs from me for her and all of her friends!)

After school we took Sally, our dog, to get her shots. The vet told me that she has plaque build up and needs a cleaning which also includes general anesthesia for $200. Magrelo says, well, I can't say what Magrelo says, but Sally's not getting her teeth cleaned. :)

More catch up... I had my interview last week and it went very well. If I don't get into the program I feel like I can be proud of all I've done and not have any regrets. I'm the queen of second guessing myself, so it feels good to feel that way. I won't have any answers until May, so keep praying for me.

My wildflower pixie princess' next show is next week, so our week from hell starts Friday. We have to drive her to the theatre (a decent distance from here) every day at 4 (RIGHT after school) and then pick her up at 9 (WAY past bedtime). This lasts 5 nights, then we have 6 shows in 3 days. She LOVES every minute of it. I'm excited for her. It's fun to see her do something that she enjoys so much.

My house is almost finished! I have most of the doors reattached and only a few walls left to paint. I will blog again soon with pictures of the project!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Seminole returns?

Today is the last day of my Spring Break. I was supposed to spend the time off school in South Dakota, my home town. I haven't been home for almost 5 years. I tried to go up there on Labor Day, but our furnace went out, and our budget didn't allow for a vacation after purchasing a new furnace. So, I planned the trip for Spring Break. Magrelo has been very excited for me to take this trip, because he planned to paint all of the woodwork in our house, and then repaint every room in the house, while the kids and I were gone.

So, I make the plans, book the hotel (thanks to Mayhem), and begin packing. Then, my uncle calls. "We're expecting a blizzard this weekend. I'm not sure you all should be traveling this way." I'd like to add at this point that I informed my mother (who was also going) that traveling to SD before May is not wise because they have crazy weather. She argued and told me that it NEVER snows in March. When I called Mayhem to tell her that we may not be coming, she also informed me that they NEVER get as much snow as the weather men say they will. So I debate, and argue with myself, and finally decide that it's not worth the risk. Oh- I forgot to add WHY getting stuck there would be such a big deal. I received the letter last week that I have made it through the first phase of nursing school admission and now I have my interview for the program on Thursday! Between 1/3 and 1/4 of the students who apply get interviews, so this is HUGE and I do not want to have to call and reschedule one of the most important interviews of my life.

So, I stay home- and feel guilty. I keep calling SD and asking if there is snow. The answer was no each day until yesterday. As you can see from the picture I attached, they did get snow- and closed the highways. I would be stuck, and stressed.

Magrelo still painted the woodwork. And I was able to stay around the house and help him. My mom, Chia, and her hot man all took care of my kids so that they didn't have to breathe the nasty fumes. My house looks incredible! I will create a whole post about this once it's totally finished.

So, we will try SD again in the summer. Seminole will return...someday.