Thursday, September 29, 2005

Random Good Advice

I love Best Buy. I'm a girl, so I don't think it's as cool for me to love best buy, but I do. I don't love it for the cd's and dvd's. I actually forget they have that stuff there. I love it for the BIG stuff- the tv's, refridgerators, washers, etc... The reason for my love is their absence of employees who work for commission. I don't like salespeople who work for commission in places like that. Everytime I've walked into Best Buy to make a big purchase, they have talked me down in price from what I was originally planning on buying. They explain which features are all hype, and which ones are actually important. My only complaint is they are a bit pushy about the warranty, but I can live with that.

My point is, salespeople tend to get a bad rap. In general, they make me nervous and quite uncomfortable. But, every now and then, you get a good one that really helps you. When I bought my washer I had one of the good ones. After 3 stores giving me good advice, I finally met a lady who explained things on my level. She told me to make sure I got the biggest capacity washer that I could afford. I was pregnant, and she explained that would soon mean washing big comforters and such. She said I could get a smaller dryer, because you can always hang the big stuff out to dry. But who wants to go to the laundrymat for the comforters. As I washed Squirrels comforter (for her full size bed) I said another little silent thank you to the washing machine saleslady. I love my washer.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A better day...

Today was a much better day, simply because today I got to do things that I enjoy. I love being a mom. I love to do mom stuff. But most of the time, I don't do mom stuff- at least not the mom stuff I want to do. Most nights I go to bed feeling guilty because Monkey has watched WAY too much television, Frogger got screamed at WAY too many times, and Squirrel is so busy with friends that I don't know much about what's going on with her. (She now gives short answers about school, instead of telling me every detail.) But today was the kind of day I love. Today I got up and got Monkey and Squirrel off to school. Bob came over to take care of Frogger, and I spent the morning volunteering in Squirrels class. Then I hung out with Squirrel during her lunch (something she's been begging me to do for weeks.)

The next part of the day was a bit worse, with Frogger's pediatrician appt revealing impetigo, and me locking my keys in the car when I got home.

But no worries. I decided to break out the tempura paints and doodle pad and had Monkey and Super B paint pictures. They loved it. We talked about primary colors, and how to make new colors. I feel satisfied. Now they are watching tv again, but I don't mind so much since I feel like they've done something productive too.

I love being a mom. I just hate working, going to school, and all the other junk that I have to do. I want to play all day. Is that too much to ask? :) Well, back to algebra.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Princess Squirrel

My Squirrel is amazing. She loves to read and is getting better at it every day. She loves school and has a great group of girls that she's friends with. She seems more grown up everyday. I wish that life had a pause button, because it seems to be going way to fast. I don't have time to do a real post, and Magrelo's been giving me a hard time because I don't have any pics of squirrelgirl up yet. So, here she is.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend Recap

Nate enjoying his birthday present from our neighbor.

Sam at his soccer game.

I'm in a cranky mood today. School has gotten way too hard, we're broke (as usual), my house is a mess, and I'm stressed out. I should just focus on happy stuff, but it's not happening today. So instead of whining, I'm just going to recap the last few days.

Friday: Went to the Library story time with Nate (he was naughty, of couse)
Picked up Sam from school and took a neighbor who wasn't feeling well lunch
Put Nate down for a nap and tried to take one myself (got about 30 minutes)
Got Alaina ready for her sleepover at the church and took her to Squirrel practice
Went to work
Jeremy called and said that Alaina was chosen as the Squirrel that Veruca chases and wants (highlight of my day!)
Got off work at 7am, and picked up Alaina from the church
Came home and got Alaina off to Cheer clinic
Took an hour nap while Chia watched the kids
Went to cheer clinic to watch performance
Went to Target and bought a shower gift
Went to a muddy soccer game. Sam jumped like a gay boy everytime the ball came near him.
Went home and went to sleep
Went out with Magrelo that night
Desperate Housewives and Gray's Anatomy (the highlight of my weekend)

This was a boring blog...sorry.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ode to the Frog

My cousin uses fun name for his kids. One is Turkey, the other Goose. I've been trying to come up with cute animals for my kids, but have had a harder time with them. My daughter became easier last week and is now "the squirrel". My middle one-easy- a monkey. But the baby has always been a frog. He jumps, like no baby should jump. It's crazy. But a frog just doesn't have the same ring to it as Turkey or Goose. But then I thought about the lake incident, and decided that he has completely earned the name now, and will hereby be referred to as Frogger. Sorry for the lack of creativity, it's not one of my strong points.

Anyway, for Frogger's b-day, I have compiled a list of memories from the past two years. Life without him would be downright boring.

  • One awful birth (OUCH)
  • one month of sleepless nights before I gave in and let him sleep on his stomach.
  • endless wonderful nights of sleep after I flipped him
  • explaining too many times why my friends shouldn't be jealous "He sleeps through the night because he NEVER stops screaming during the day" (This is NOT an exaggeration)
  • 1000's of dollars on medicine for his tummy, and paying it happily because he FINALLY quit crying
  • the fear of celiac disease
  • the joy when we found out he was misdiagnosed
  • the stress of his heart murmur
  • the joy when we found out his heart would be okay
  • the skinny little baby people accused me of not feeding
  • being labeled "Failure to thrive"
  • the joy of hearing everyone say "WOW, HE'S HUGE!" now.
  • The stitches at 10 months (thanks Fox!)
  • The smiles
  • The million times he runs and screams "MAMA" and jumps into my arms when he sees me walk in the door, even if I only went out to get the mail
  • Speach therapy
  • The joy of hearing him finally talk to me
  • The kisses
  • The pushing and hitting (he makes his daddy proud)
  • Seeing how much he loves his sister
  • Seeing how much he loves his Papa
  • Christmas and the styrofoam popcorn pieces
  • The fall down the deck at Easter
  • His first time eating Mac-n-Cheese
  • Oh, the poop issues
  • finally ignoring all of the advice and doing things my way
  • Balls, balls, balls
  • Pooh's Heffalump Movie
  • Boobah
  • Him jumping on the trampoline
  • The trip to Donna
  • The trip home from Donna
  • My mom's face when she heard that he was a boy. (Priceless, she was hoping for a girl)
  • Watching him start to have fun with Ali, and hoping they fall in love!
  • the fun of seeing all of the wagjer(co) boys together
  • Watching him kick, throw, and shoot a ball. (He's REALLY good)
  • Writing on the dog

NaeNae, I love you! Happy Birthday

Monday, September 19, 2005

more pics...

Here are a few more pictures of Nate from his birthday celebration. His birthday is the 22nd, we celebrated early.

the boys

Here are my boys, for those of you who haven't seen them in a while...

Happy Birthday

My baby is turning 2. In a few months I will be 29. For most people not a big deal. But for me, a very big deal. You see, when my squirrel turned two, I was pregnant with the monkey. When the monkey turned 2, I was pregnant with my wild child. Now, he will be two- and I am NOT pregnant. I am breaking the cycle- 22, have a baby; 24, have a baby; 26 have a baby. I cannot even describe the joy that this brings. My BABY will be two. Not, my child will be two, and my baby is on the way. NOPE! No way!

I never thought I would feel "done". I thought I would always be jealous of whomever was having a baby. Boy was I wrong! I cried all the way home from the hospital two years ago. I was sad that a chapter of my life was closing. I still remember that feeling, but I don't feel it anymore. Although the idea of my squirrel growing up still makes me sad, each phase she enters makes me excited for the boys to get there too. I don't want them to grow up too fast. But I have learned that there is more to my identity that being a mother of a preschooler, and I am glad. I'm so glad that I have all three of them. And I'm so glad that I ONLY have the three of them. Bring on the terrible twos. I'm ready!

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Squirrel

My friend MrsMayhem says that she lives through her children. Typically, I think my cousin is living through mine. But this week was different. This week she auditioned for a play. But before I continue with that story, let me give you some background info.

I love to act. I always have. I suck at sports. I always have. Acting is my thing. So in 6th grade I tried out for the school play. The lead was Calamity Jane, and I auditioned for it. I will never forget the moment the call came saying that I got the lead. Needless to say, I was a wonderful Calamity Jane and gave the performance of my life.

One year later, I was at my grandma's and she was watching the news. I saw that the local theatre Black Hills Playhouse was holding auditions for something. I was ready. I told my mom and she drove me to the audition that Saturday. All the kids had radios and walkmen. I had no idea why. Then they called my name. I went in and they asked what I would be singing. Hmmm, singing. Did I mention that I'm tone deaf? I didn't know anything about auditions, and didn't know that songs were required. They played Happy Birthday to You on the piano and I sang, in a quiet, and very embarrassed voice. The letter came a week later letting me know that I was not chosen.

Fast forward 15 years. My daughter, (I swear on her own), decided that she wanted to try out for a play. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I nervously agreed. I didn't want her to get the letter that I got. So, we practiced her song for a month. My cuz came over to help her with her "moves". (Did I mention I also suck at dancing!) We were ready. I told her to count this as a practice audition- don't sweat it if you don't get in. And after seeing the rehearsal schedule, I was thinking it would be just fine if she didn't. I tried not to be pushy. I don't want to be the typical stage mom.

Alaina got up there and sang okay. The night before she was incredible. She also watched others audition who sang REALLY well. (Singing is not her strong point.) Up until that point, I thought my daughter was the best actress out there. I'm her mom. I guess I'm supposed to feel that way. I was worried. Then, at midnight, they called. She was to come back and do more dancing and singing. Yippee! They must want her to be an Oompa Loompa! Chia was ready to wear green wigs to the play. I was excited. Then Sunday they published the list. Her name was not under oompa's. I was shocked- devastated for her. I really thought I would be happy. Then, right before we closed the browser window, we saw her name. She was...A squirrel? If you haven't seen the new movie the squirrels are the ones that throw Veruca down the trash shoot. Hmmm, I wasn't sure if this was any better than not getting in. Now we have to spend time and money for a crappy role. (BAD attitude, I know.) I smiled my biggest smile and told Alaina the GREAT news. She wasn't sure about her new role for a few minutes. Then she smiled her most evil smile and said "Good, then I get to throw Veruca down." (Did I mention that Alaina wanted to be Veruca, but gave up hope when we saw a girl at the audition that looked JUST like Veruca, and sang REALLY well. Alaina instantly hated her. Deep down, I did too!)

So I smiled and acted happy all week. Really I was bummed. Did she not dance well? Does she really suck and I can't see it? "She's just young, this will be a great experience", I would tell myself. Really I was thinking what a pain in the butt it would be. Then I went to the parents meeting. I sat there pouting and wishing I was somewhere else. After the meeting, I watched Alaina at her first rehearsal. She was smiling and having a great time. She was a happy just to be there. My attitude changed. I became the person I wanted to be. I was PROUD of my little squirrel. When she came out of the room I hugged her and asked her all about it. My steps were lighter and I was proud of my self for my change in attitude. Then Alaina told me the sweetest words she could have ever said to me. "Mommy, you know that girl that we just knew would get Veruca? She's a squirrel with me, and she's actually nice." I felt myself smiling my evil smile, (the same one as Alaina's), and inwardly rejoicing that she didn't make Veruca either.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

That time of year.

The weather has gotten chilly and Fall seems to be at our doorstep. I love Fall, at least I did before having children. I love carving pumpkins (Halloween was Magrelo and my first holiday together), I love making piles of leaves to jump in, I love hot apple cider, warm sweaters, and jeans. I love football. I love fall. However, Fall has new meaning now. Fall means croup, strep, flu, snotty noses, fevers, and being stuck in the house with whoever happens to have any of those symptoms on that particular day- but nine times out of ten, SOMEONE does have something. Fall also means feeling guilty for whomever you just exposed to whatever nasty thing your kids just got, and being mad at whomever exposed your kids to it. Church friends become the enemy. They all have germs!

Soooooooo, today I have to take my unsuspecting 4 year old, along with his almost 2 year old brother, to get flu shots. They also just mandated a new vaccine, so the 4 year old has to get that too. Sam hates shots. I know, you're saying "what kids doesn't". Sam takes hating shots to a whole new level. Sam runs around the room screaming until 3 of us pin him down and finally jab him with the needle. It's awful. What's worse is everytime Sam has been to the doctor in over a year, he has had a shot. Today, two more. In April, 4 more for kindergarten. In November, another blood draw... Fall is wonderful, but this part stinks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And the answer is...

Tammy was right. Amazingly enough, Nate did not eat duck poop! We had a lovely day at the park, but then we had the potty accident. So we went to the car to clean up Ewan, and Shell locked her keys in the car. So, we decided to walk around the lake and wait for Sam to call us back and let us know when he could bring a spare set of keys. Nate then decided to jump in the lake, and I was lucky enough to get to jump in after him. Of course, my cell phone was in my pocket. (The cell that Sam was supposed to be calling.) So, we all headed over to pick up (my) Sam from preschool, with Nate naked, and me covered in seaweed, and then back to my house. Oh, did I mention that 2 months ago my mom washed my cell phone on accident, and I just got it replaced 4 days ago. It was a nice 4 days. Good-bye phone, again. I wish that I had a video of me jumping in the lake. I still makes me laugh just thinking about it. I also wish I could have taken a picture of Nate's very green face. Good times, good times...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Let's play a game...

Now that I am down to one child three days a week, I'm enjoying some newfound freedom. So, I talked to my cousin's wife and asked if we could get together once a week for playdates. She had wanted to do this last year, and it didn't work out with my kids' schedules. I have been waiting for today for over a month. What should we do? Play at a house, play at the park? We decided on the park. The boys all had a great time. However, things did not go as smoothly as we hoped. So, now you all can guess. Which one, of the following 4 things, did NOT happen at the park.

1. Shelley locked her keys in the car.
2. Nate ate duck poop.
3. Ewan pooped his pants.
4. Nate jumped in the slimey green lake.

You may post your guesses and I will give the answer later. People who already know can't say!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Getting Started

I've been having fun on other people's blogs and my cousin encouraged me to create my own. I'm not so sure I have that much to say, although I always find plenty! I kept using my busy schedule as an excuse not to do this. But then I realized this may be the perfect way for me to keep in touch with people that I haven't been. So, Forrest, here you go..........